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"BEESWAX"   ( NRR 34 )   Sound Reduction

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With (35-40) wearings per pair and ( FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE ), they are unquestionably, the "BEST VALUE" of any ear plug in the world today!!! ( Choose A Pack ) and Click ( ADD TO CART )!! You'll Be "GRATEFUL" You Did !!!!!!

Daily Testimonials

A Soldier in Afghanistan Reports

"I've been an American soldier who served in Afghanistan. I wanted to take this time to let you know that I've been truly amazed at how well your ear plugs worked. They were (by far) the best ear plugs in the world when it came to blocking out the (very very loud) firearm sounds. I was also able to get a good night’s sleep without having to listen to all my roommate’s snoring. I'm not sure which was louder, the firearms or my roommates!   Thank you."

FROMCPT. David "Bo" Medley - USA - June 22, 2019

From a Soldier who flies a Blackhawk and Shoots an M240H Machine Gun

"I am a member at FirearmsTalk Forum, and a fellow member~~. I am a soldier and have used your ear plugs while flying a UH-60 Blackhawk as well as while firing my M240H machine gun, and I shall be writing a good review for you. It's a Great product at a great price!"

FROMKris - USA - June 21, 2019

Wow !!! Your Earplugs Blocked Out EVERYTHING

" I have used every earplug available and none worked like these.Didn’t trust that they would work, but they absolutely did.. WOW !!! THEY BLOCKED OUT EVERYTHING..so just ordered a package for future. Finally an earplug that does what it says it will do!!!! "

FROMMargaret Leon - USA - June 21, 2019

The ear plugs are wonderful. They successfully block-out ALL noise

"I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with Mighty Plugs. I just placed my forth order, and the process is very easy. The ear plugs are wonderful. They successfully block-out (( ALL )) sound, whether it’s loud gunfire, loud trains, or even loud neighbors. ---I store them in the handy individual case which you provide with each order. Thank you for making this excellent product available"

FROMPaul Folmbee - USA - June 19, 2019

From a Marine whose been in an LAV under attack!!!

"Do you work ordnance arming on the hot pad for an F4B fighter squadron? Maybe gunner’s station in an LAV in the attack? How about Range Safety on the M40 machinegun range? If so, you’d best be using these Mighty Plugs. Naturally conforming to your ears’ unique inner canal, they reduce most sound to an ant’s crawl on a rock.~~ Dare to buy just one pair for whatever ails your ears; and ((you’ll be hooked for life.)) "

FROMUnited States Marine Corp 64298 - USA - June 19, 2019

Mighty's *(Once A Year)*     *SUMMER SALE*    IS ON *NOW*

plus  *( FREE SHIPPING )*   on  Orders  $20 to $100