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Beeswax  Blocks Out  "Harmful"  Frequencies

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Mighty's *(Once A Year)*     *SUMMER SALE*    IS ON *NOW*

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  • Protects Your Hearing
    Yet ( Allows In ) Every Note Clearly
  • Best Performer Ear Plug
     Blocks out ALL harmful frequencies
  • Concerts--Music Festivals
    Hear every note clearly & protected
  • For Musicians On Tour
    Sleep "Undisturbed" on the Tour Bus
  • Stays *Securely* in Place
    While playing hard & dancing hard!
  • Reusable 35 Times & More

With (35-40) wearings per pair and ( FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE ), they are unquestionably, the "BEST VALUE" of any ear plug in the world today!!! ( Choose A Pack ) and Click ( ADD TO CART )!! You'll Be "GRATEFUL" You Did !!!!!!

Recent Testimonials

From Berton Averre of 'The Knack'

"As lead guitarist for The Knack, I've had my ears assaulted by ringing cymbals, squalling monitors, and yes, my own amp for thirty years now. I didn't want the tinnitus to get any worse, & I committed myself to finding an ear plug that blocked out the maximum harmful DBs. These wonderful blue ear plugs are it. I wear them gratefully every show, and when I take them out afterwards, my ears don't feel any worse for wear. People using high-teck in-ear monitors are putting alot of sound right into their eardrums. If your number one priority is to perform well and protect your hearing, then this is the way to go. Most sincerely!"

FROMBerton Averre - "The Knack" - June 22, 2019

From Billy Goodman, living in Germany & played with Jefferson Starship, Electric Hot Tuna & the Dave Mason Band.

"Dear folks at Beneficial Products-----I'm getting ready to go out on tour again and I realized I didn't have a stock of your super ear plugs on hand. I immediately panicked and quickly stocked up. I just couldn't survive nightly on stage or ever get a good nights sleep on the tour bus without them. I'm spreading the gospel of your "World's Finest" Ear Plugs wherever I go and to all the bands that I work with. They're the best!"

FROMBilly Goodman - USA - June 21, 2019

Mike Hudgins, Hawaiian Bagpiper

"Hi World's Finest---I'm in a bagpipe band and I hang around jet engines at the airport for a day job. Believe me, I've tried everything, but your ear plugs are by far the greatest. Best for fit, best for staying put, best for comfort, best for longivity & especially best for noise attenuation. Thank you from the extreme edge of noise immersion, er, I mean, the middle of the pipe band."

FROMMike Hudgins - Kailua, Hawaii - June 20, 2019

Mighty's *(Once A Year)*     *SUMMER SALE*    IS ON *NOW*

plus  *( FREE SHIPPING )*   on  Orders  $20 to $100